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Community Music Spark Blog 08/07/2016

Posted on 8 July 2016

We catch up with Andrew from the Spark team as graduation looms! Plus, check out this great clip of Callum in action.

Today is the day we had the group from Thomas Bewick School coming in to do a workshop delivered by the trainees in the afternoon.
Kim wasn’t in with us because she was at her Leavers Assembly at her school.

Marc did Kim’s part in delivering the Bibbedy Bop game and Graeme did Kim’s part in delivering the lyrics to the song Sure Is Funky with Callum D delivering the melody. Both parts went smoothly.

This morning we rehearsed the delivery of the workshop and I felt it went smooth as a breeze.
A couple of times when we did Bibbedy Bop I helped Marc in delivering the game and suggested that the few participants left playing the game could be arranged by standing together in a semi-circle. I managed to keep a straight face when singing the Sure Is Funky song with the beat playing on the loop pedal and the piano keys briefly played into the rhythm. This afternoon we were all ready for the workshop delivery but the participants arrived slightly late. Despite this we still managed to deliver everything in the workshop – minus the I Like The Flowers song due to time running out.

Overall I felt the whole day was spark-tastic! Looking forward to the next workshop delivery – whenever that is.

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities. For more details, click here