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Community Music Spark blog 25th November

Posted on 25 November 2016

Andrew – My special moment of the day was improvising my piano playing and when the lady came over with her baby to watch me play during the lunch break. During the session I enjoyed the advanced trainees leading on the games.

Anna – My highlight of the day was definitely leading anyone who in front of new people which is something that makes me nervous, my second favourite part was rehearsing ‘Life Saver’ – I love the new title! At the end of our performance an accident happened to my guitar, the head was knocked off. Thankfully some students have offered to raise money to help me pay for repairs :)

Graeme – Congratulations to the guys who performed don’t diss my ability (I conducted it!) there was really good energy so hats off to them! The building tour was really good as well.

Mark – Today the visitors seemed really impressed with music spark so fingers crossed they will give their schools good feedback and we will have lots of new people joining. Somebody asked us to perform ‘Don’t Diss My Ability’ at their school which is great! I’m looking forward to next week’s guest, Becky Owen is coming in next week and I’m very interested to see what kind of workshop she will be delivering.

Anisa – I won ‘Bibbetybop!’ thumbs up I led alligator jaws today and really enjoyed it,
I got Mel out on the first go!

Matthew – I did very well with the warm up I led. I really enjoyed performing don’t diss my ability for the visitors, the rap section was my favourite part. I remembered to wait until Mark, Harry and Anisa finished with their part of the song before I started rapping.

Kim – shrug I enjoyed singing, I was really nervous but I pushed through and I feel proud of myself for that. I enjoyed leading ‘Bibbetybop’, I also liked the way Anna led ‘Anyone Who’ when the visitors joined us. Well done everybody for taking part!

Community Music Spark is Sage Gateshead’s community music training programme for adults with learning disabilities.