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Community Music Spark end of Term Special!

Posted on 15 July 2016

Community Music Spark is our groundbreaking community music training programme for young people and adults with learning disabilities. This week the latest cohort of volunteers completed term – and we celebrated in style!

Kim: I had a really good day today. The presentation led by Andrew made me feel proud of myself, and made me feel like I’ve achieved something.

Anthony: the last few months have been an amazing journey for everyone involved and I’m very lucky to have been able to share it and I, very proud of everyone I’ve been able to work with over the months. I suppose my best memory is going to be the day of the music spark show, which was an amazing experience.

Matthew: I think I’ve really enjoyed Sage Gateshead. I enjoyed the presentation, it made me feel smart and represent able. Best memory was music spark show!

Harry: I’d like to say I really enjoyed sage Gateshead and working on music spark show. I really enjoyed the big burgers today, and the marshmallows dipped in chocolate!I’m looking forward to next year!

Toby: the presentation made me feel famous, I enjoyed the (non-alcoholic) wine! I’m very excited for the trainees!

Callum C: I’ve enjoyed the presentation and I’m happy with everything that’s happened on the journey. I hope I can return next year as an Advanced Trainee. Also, compliments to the chef at Za Za Bazaar!

Dean: where do I start, on a weekly basis I see improvements from everyone involved in this project. Trainees develop their skill sets, volunteers grow in confidence I their delivery and us musos continue our understanding of inclusive, progressive practice. Naturally, it has been a pleasure to work with CMS, I am blessed and very excited to have such a wonderful opportunity to start again in September.

Sarah: today has been a great way to end a fantastic year with CMS. It’s been amazing seeing how much the trainees have grown in their confidence and skills, and ways of developing their own individual practice approaches in becoming community music practitioners. I look forward to seeing what their next steps are in the future and hopefully sharing more laughs and jokes with everyone again.

Graeme: I have to say it has been a great experience having Thomas Bewick School coming to us every Friday to develop a music workshop, I’m really looking forward to Shepherds Dene for our working residential in September and roll on for the next Music Spark Show 2017! #keepsmiling

Andrew: How can I put this in my words? Well, to start off, I would like to say a massive massive important thank you to everyone in the CMS team for such a fantastic sparkling opportunity working with the trainees and getting to know their best to their abilities when it comes to workshop delivery and taking a bigger step in their stride to host the Music Spark Show with us! It has been an absolute pleasure to work with them and I see that their first workshop they delivered to Thomas Bewick School last week will give the trainees, as well as the volunteers, a big boost and raise the bar to the next level. As well as the serious work and planning goes, there sure will be more fun, games and laughs along the way! Looking forward to working with CMS in September into 2017!!!

Anissa: The food was excellent. They have done the traineeship and we all sang at the end. I thought it was amazing.

Marky Marc: It has been a brilliant adventure! Hahaha! I am pleased to hear that Jane Lindenberg is to be Project Leader when she comes back to join us in September. I am also pleased that the trainees will become Advanced Trainees. Matt is that enough?

Matt: yes that will do Marc! Today has been a a microcosm of the magnificence of the Music Spark experience and everything that makes you all great as individuals and as a team. It had it all, singing, laughter, encouragement, fun, thoughtfulness, pride, joy, excitement and fake champagne! To be lucky enough to see the growth of such talented and determined individuals is an honour and a privilege. Big up Music Spark!

Callum D: It has been an epic journey with the Music Sparks. I have enjoyed every moment with the group. I hope to see them all again in October.